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This is it! Wow. What a run. This final reflection about this project is a mixture of everything. A mixture of happiness that we have been able to make it to this point without loosing our sanity AND that we actually made a website! All in all it has been a learning experience. I have been able to expand my horizons in different ways of thinking, expressing and listening. I have definitely learned how to listen.

I throughly enjoyed being able to be part of this group. Different voices and stories had to be heard and I love that we, as a class, were able to do so. I have had a passsion for helping my migrate community. Through this project I have been able to let some voices heard. That is very important and necessary in the world of advocating.

I will try to continue adding more and more interviews to this site and keep it up to date. That way we can expand and not let these voices be a blimp of data in the internet.

Digital tools

WHAT ARE THEY? It has been such a task to familiarize myself with digital tools. It has taken me a long while, and my YouTube videos later, to know the ends and outs of GarageBand and widgets used for translation on our website. It has been a process to make our website more accessible without loosing context and content. All in all I have learned A LOT – that is an understatement. I hope to continue to grow our use of different digital tools on our site.


We have been running into a few problems about finding people willing to be interviewed. However, we are now thinking about expanding our migrante community. Our agriculture migrants have been dear to us and we definitely did not want to change that. However, it has come down to it and I think we must make this transition. Doing so, however, I believe that we might have some interviews lined up with people that we know. Let’s hope for the best!


We have been running into some road blocks with our interview process. Our migrants are very selective, due to their own security, in who they choose to speak and who they do not. The issue we have run into is getting their confidence and trust in us. Even with not interviewing it actually shows how our migrate community is being affected with the current immigration system.


Hello all!

So, after speaking to Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Bettencourt, we have development a better plan for our project website. We have started a foundation of the website. Since, we are doing our project in Spanish and English, we will be having multiple tabs with bilingual information. That is only a portion of our project. We will have different information in regards to our migrant population  via our interest groups we have decided to come into contact with.


Hello all!

So, for this week we are brainstorming some questions. My partner is Sarah Leird.

1) Why did you come here?
2) What is your “American dream”?
3) What’s your short term plan for now?
4) What’s your long term?

Let me know what you all think!

Media Uses

Hello all!

So, we have began to venture into the world of multimedia. I have come to the conclusion that although, there are some “alternative facts” roaming the internet, multimedia has become that easiest way to reach more people. So, I have attached a YouTube video. This video has condensed the migration topic tremendously however, it does open the door to conversation. In the topic of migration conversation is always a plus. Enjoy!

The Archivist

Hello all!

So, Sarah and I met with the archivist this week. Finally! So, for UNCA it’s actually Gene Hyde. We focused on speaking about our migrate population. Our migrate population isn’t a set place or a date in time. Our migrate population is from all place, mainly from Latin America, and different times in history. Some may be here since yesterday while others have been here decades. The one thing that connects them is working in the agricultural fields. That is their day to day life.

So, back to Mr. Hyde, we went over specifics about contracts and consents that the interviewee has to fill out. However, what mainly surprised me was the fact that he knew about our migrate population. He read from a report on 2015 from the American Immigration Council that the biggest migrant group in NC were from Mexico, India, Honduras among other  i was mainly surprised about the fact that India had actually made that list. However, in 2016 there were 30,000 DACA applicants. Who knew that in nC we had immigrants?! 😒There is also,  a list created by NC state that shows the main location of migrant groups in NC. Finally, Sasha who works at the library that is really good with WordPress and we should contact him if we had any issues with WordPress.

Until next time!



Hello everyone! I am sure most of you all have never even heard of me and that is okay! So, I am Cristal. The reason I chose to enter this course is because I wanted to explore more in depth the meaning of being an immigrant. My parents both immigrated here and thank goodness, mostly luck, they were able to obtain their residency status and later became US Citizens.

I know that most of us take our legal status for granted. That is okay. It is okay, and a relief, not to have to worry about whether you are allowed to live in this country or not. The reason most people do not think about that issue is because most do not understand the true burden that comes with being an immigrant. There are burdens that most did not ask for and society is demanding explanations. Some of these explanations include, “why are you here?”, “why don’t you go back if the US treats you so bad?”, “you are taking away our jobs” etc etc. The list is endless.

Now I do not blame people for not knowing the subject matter. I have studied the immigration statues and not even I, nor most immigration attorneys, know what exactly it says or much less means. You see, the immigration system is in the eye of the beholder. The system is made so broad that all is permitted in the name of the law. Now, I understand laws and regulations change overtime however, it seems that the immigration system is the only one that has remained static for the past one hundred years.

I will continuously update you all on what this course will bring. However, for today I am in the course to give the voiceless a voice, the deaf a way to listen, and the ignorant a way to be educated. The most important reason I entered this course is the latter. What family you were born into and the privilege that entails or denies you is completely out of your reach however, ignorance can and should be addressed. Ignorance or living in the state of ignorance is a choice that each person makes and in the issue of immigration; ignorance is the difference between having your father, mother, sister, brother with you or deported.

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