Project Presentation: The final presentation allows you to practice organizing and presenting your work, in this particular case, to a remote audience. Your audience will include your instructors and classmates as well as administrators and faculty from COPLAC institutions. We hope that you will invite friends, family and interviewees to see the amazing work you’ve done this semester. Provide instructors with emails for invitees by Thurs., 4/19 so that we may send them the Zoom link for the class meeting (they will join us from a separate meeting link).

Requirements: Follow this template

Grading: This presentation will be considered from an individual and a team perspective. You will be assessed based on the following rubric.

Rubric for evaluation of project presentation
A-Exceeds Expectations B-Meets Expectations C-Needs Improvement D/F-Unacceptable
All required elements of the presentation are present, presenters respect time limit and overall exceed expectations. Presentation is organized very well, thoroughly articulated, and provides thought-provoking points/details. It is clear that the student(s) prepared and rehearsed extensively both individually and  together in advance. All required elements  of the presentation are present and presenters respect time limit.

Presentation is well organized, articulated and informative. It is clear that the student(s) prepared and rehearsed both individually and  together in advance.

Most of the  required elements of the presentation are present. Presentation is adequately clear and articulated. Student(s) may have prepared and rehearsed individually and together but would have benefited from additional preparation. Several of the  required elements  of the presentation are partially present or not present. There may not be evidence of an attempt to meet these requirements. The presentation is incomplete, and/or poorly organized, unclear, poorly articulated. It is clear that the student(s) did not prepare or rehearsed sufficiently.

Presentation dates and time allotment per team to be determined at a later date.