This is it! Wow. What a run. This final reflection about this project is a mixture of everything. A mixture of happiness that we have been able to make it to this point without loosing our sanity AND that we actually made a website! All in all it has been a learning experience. I have been able to expand my horizons in different ways of thinking, expressing and listening. I have definitely learned how to listen.

I throughly enjoyed being able to be part of this group. Different voices and stories had to be heard and I love that we, as a class, were able to do so. I have had a passsion for helping my migrate community. Through this project I have been able to let some voices heard. That is very important and necessary in the world of advocating.

I will try to continue adding more and more interviews to this site and keep it up to date. That way we can expand and not let these voices be a blimp of data in the internet.

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