Prelude to the Interviews



Apprehension is what I feel after a week of learning about being an interviewer. It puts a lot of pressure on you, especially for a project like this. As much as Joe and I are doing this project is for Kirksville, it is our project. Until the future, it’s unclear what benefit this project will have on us, on Kirksville, and on the people we interview. At the moment, it’s us who determine that. It’s us who ask the questions that encourage a story. That don’t push too far, yet don’t leave too many details out.


So, this is step one: the questions. At this moment, I feel we have way too many questions, but we can narrow it down based on who we’re interviewing and what answers we get from other people. For example, if interviewers keep giving us the same answers, we can switch the questions. Nevertheless, here is what we want to know.


Note: Some of the questions may seem general, but they have been simplified since most of the interviewees will be English Language Learners.



4 thoughts on “Prelude to the Interviews

  1. I know you feel apprehensive, but the questions you have are a great starting point! I am also nervous about the interview process, however, I am sure your project will be fruitful in the end.

  2. Megan and Joe,

    I think these are extremely interesting questions, and I particularly appreciate how you intend to ask about about your interviewees’ daily routines and future goals. These aspects often go overlooked in the discourse of immigration, so it’s refreshing to see the angle you both have in mind. Your questions provide an informative outlook through a humanizing lense, and I’m eager to see the responses!

    1. Thank you! I hope that talking about the daily routine helps both the locals and the immigrants to find some relation to each other.

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