Almost Official

Things are happening. All at once, as they always seem to do. But I feel much more excited, much more engaged. I feel more like I’m actually doing something. The progress(for me anyway) of integrating the immigrants here follows a wave-like pattern. Sometimes, everything is calm. We have United Speakers meetings, we have English classes, and then we go about our student lives, focusing on classes instead of community organization.


Suddenly, just when I’ve noticed it has all become too calm, it picks up. I meet with other people, who have new ideas on how to improve English classes or reach out to more community members or encourage more immigrant involvement in the community. From there, homework gets pushed aside and meetings get scheduled. Emails get sent and we then sit on the edge of our seats waiting for a reply, waiting for ways to turn our ideas into realities.


Now we’ve hit another high tide. Meetings are approaching, emails are awaiting replies, and English classes are better than ever.  Even better, our contract is in the revision stage as Joe and I get ready to interview community members for our website. Hopefully, the contract is just the beginning of what is to come.

Truman Contract

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