Welcome to this website! Let me introduce myself: my name is Morrison Robblee. I am a student at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, where I study History and Secondary Education. In the future, it is my dream  to become a high school history teacher and to settle down somewhere in New England. Currently, my extracurricular interests include theatre and broadcast media. I appreciate you taking the time to explore this online migration project.

Photo credit: Dayne Wahl

My partner and I have worked hard conducting oral history interviews, using digital tools, and creating the layout of this Wordpress website. I hope you enjoy exploring your way through these unique cultural stories, told with the goal of writing a migration narrative different than the one delivered by Washington D.C. and major media news outlets.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please view the ‘Contact Us’ page under the ‘About’ menu drop-down. Further, If you have any interest in viewing my classwork blog, which includes written summaries regarding my progression through the project, please click here.

To conclude, I want to thank my COPLAC professors,  associates, and fellow classmates for their guidance, support, and comradery throughout all stages of this project. I would like to thank my partner, Ryan Psutka, for his dedication, commitment, and collaboration. I am proud of the work we produced; I certainly could not have done it without him. In addition, I want to acknowledge my appreciation for some of my MCLA friends who lent me their vehicles as I scrambled all around the Berkshires. Finally, my largest thank you goes out to Mary Giannaris and Nick Geranios for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with me and talk about their migration experiences. This project is proudly dedicated to them.