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Here’s the link to our draft of potential interview questions:

Interview Questions: Draft


Jacob’s blog can be accessed here


  1. Morrison Robblee

    Nice work! I think your specific focus on Mexican culture is very fascinating, especially since your overall project will cover themes of Southern culture relating to migration. This should provide some room to compare and contrast the culture the migrants are coming from and the culture they are being integrated into. In addition, I believe the many questions you developed which ask about a migrant’s experiences will help cultivate a rich and meaningful oral history. My only suggestion would be to start off the interview with a few ‘get-to-know-you’ questions-What is your occupation? Are you married? Do you have children? What is your favorite Mexican food? Favorite American food?-to get the narrator a little more comfortable before the more complex topics are discussed.

    • Savannah

      This feedback was so essential, Morrison, and I seriously can’t thank you enough. I got so wrapped up in trying to capture this specific angle and its’ intricacies that I completely overlooked the basics. Ensuring the comfort of our interviewees and establishing a level of trust are perhaps the most crucial elements of these interviews.

  2. psutka

    I think it’s great that you ask how they feel their experiences compare to those of other immigrants in the state, as well as other Mexican immigrants in the country. This is a could lead to a really interesting comparative approach to the discussion and the project. I hadn’t thought of that angle before, but I’m really excited to see what the intervieweés say!

    • Savannah

      Thank you so much, Ryan! Each group seems to have their own unique perspective, so I’m very excited to see the similarities and differences between our project interviews.

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