Why Migration Matters

This assignment on “Why Migration Matters” gave me a bit of practice making a digital presentation that is intended for a general online audience.  It made me think actively about the actual process of creating this sort of presentation, for example, being sure to avoid any copyright issues, which in this case I addressed by searching for photos on unsplash.com.  The video aspect of this assignment made me think about how to structure an informative video, what to include, etc.  It also meant that I needed to think through what I wanted to say beforehand, but not word-for-word, as it is important that it comes across as natural.  Finally, this assignment helped me to become more familiar with the actual technical process of making/uploading a youtube video, which I had not done in years!


Link to presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1uFeYrGt7CXviReRnqZiwpV8W5XiDPC9wyk2sRJKXAqs/edit?usp=sharing


Link to video:


One thought on “Why Migration Matters”

  1. I really liked your presentation about why migration is important. I also struggled with my project with sounding natural. I had talked to a few people in my community about migration and found it difficult to add their input without sounding scripted. You also did a great job addressing the many reasons people migrate.

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