COPLAC: Voices of Migration

Month: March 2018

Project Update (3/25)

Another week, another blog post! While the ball has begun to roll, Ryan and I are still waiting on our contacts to get back to us so we can schedule interviews. However, we have accomplished a significant amount since coming back from school break. Please keep reading to learn more about the project’s progress, challenges, digital tools, and weekly schedule.

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Interview Process Reflection (3/18)

Regarding the interview process, I do not have very much to report on yet. Being out of state for spring break made working on the project and communicating with my partner a challenge. In all honesty, I am behind where I want to be on the progress of the project. However, I believe recognizing this is important and, as a result, I have begun to plan out this upcoming week in order to catch up to the milestones outlined in the project contract. Listed below, please find my plan for the upcoming week so, by the following Sunday, I will have a more thorough interview progress report.

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Project Development Update (3/10)

As of this weekend, my project contract has been edited and revised. While a few more edits may be needed, the link in my last blog post has been updated to upload the new, revised contract. I believe the document provides a solid project outline, both for matters of scheduling and for thematic direction. In completing the contract, I now have a better sense of what needs to get done and when, the specific research questions being asked, and an agreed upon collaborative plan. All in all, the project contract provides a great starting point, whereas it can be revisited and reviewed throughout the duration of the project. Speaking for myself, I am glad this completed assignment was undertaken with care and consideration.

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