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A Real Update

Coming back from break has been a bit of a struggle, but now that I’m more into the swing of things, I’ve been finding it more and more necessary to focus on the website.

Although for a while we have had a list of people we thought we could interview, some who agreed to be a part of it, keeping in contact prove to be difficult. For us college students, emails seem to work wonderfully, but emails are not always the main means of communication for our interviewees. Joe has had some success in getting responses, but I’m back to thinking of more creative ways to contact people. I was hoping to catch them in English class, but unfortunately, attendance isn’t always consistent. I’ve found that numerous messages on Facebook seems to be effective.

In the meantime, I need to focus on the research aspect, something I can do without the interviewees. This week, I’m hoping to really dig deep and determine what should go on our website. After finding that information, Joe and I will be able to determine for sure what tools can be used to best present that information.

Nevertheless, I do believe the project is going fairly well, although I am definetely stressed about some parts of it (like contacting the interviewees). I hope everything will work out in the end. 🙂

6 thoughts on “A Real Update

  1. It seems like you both are being really resourceful, I’m glad you found a way to stay in contact with them. I have been researching and working on the website while I wait to do interviews too.

    1. I’ve found that setting up the interviews is a bit stressful. I email and Facebook message people, but then I wait in fear that they won’t respond. When it comes to the research, it is nice to work at my own pace- no waiting involved! Thinking about the research has been a bit of a stress reliever.

  2. I find that a lot of us are facing similar issues when it comes to the interview portion of the project. Cristal and I are also struggling with organizations not contacting us back, or telling us a day they are available to talk and then not answering the phone when we call. It is great that you are using the in-between time to fill in parts that don’t require the interviewees. Cristal and I are doing the same thing, although we may have to modify our group choice if we continue to struggle to find interviewees.

    1. I’ve found that the research aspects are a way to calm my nerves in between hearing back from potential interviewees. However, it seems like a lot of groups are struggling to hear any confirmation back from those potential interviewees. Hopefully, during class, we can talk about finding solutions to this problem .

      As for your project, I know you’ve been having extra troubles due to the political situation. I really admire that you are able to stick with your plan, though. You don’t give up very easily, which is a very valuable trait to have. If you aren’t able to interview the Hispanic migrant workers, what other groups of people do you think you will reach out to?

  3. Megan,

    We’re facing similar issues and are also struggling with the interview portion. I’m definitely going to follow your cue and turn the time I waste panicking into something productive, like working on the website! It’s relieving to know that we’re not the only ones who are having difficulties, but I hate that you’re stressed. You and Joe have done such a great job with this project so far, and I know y’all will come out of this with something outstanding!

  4. The website aspect is definetely a sigh of relief in comparison to working on the interview set-ups. Also, thank you so much for the encouragement! I know you and Jacob are also doing a wonderful job!

    Side note- I’m really glad you did a Story Map earlier this semester. It’s inspired Joe and I to strive for the quality of your work as we use it for our website.

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