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Hi everybody,

At the moment we are waiting to hear back from our contacts as we search for prospective interviewees!  I met with people from the Berkshire Immigrant Center to find out if they have any Greek clients in the area who might be interested in partaking in this project.  A woman who works at the center is good friends with a woman from Greece who lives in the county, and she is sure that her friend will be enthusiastic about being interviewed, so she sent her my contact information.  I hope to hear back within the next few days! Over email, the woman from the Immigrant Center also made me aware of a local pizza restaurant that is owned by Greek immigrants, so I will be reaching out to them within the next day as well.  Mo reached out to a local Greek Orthodox Church, and he is also awaiting a response.  Our hope is to each have at least 1-2 interviews completed by the end of the week.

In terms of digital tools, this week we will be working on a digital timeline of Greek migration trends and their causes.  We will also be working on an ArcGIS Map of the locations within Greece and the United States that are connected with these migration trends and historical events.  These tools will give great visual context for the narratives that we collect over the next few weeks.  This is an exciting time, as we should be able to set up and conduct interviews in the coming days with people who have incredible stories of migration to share!

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  1. If you do an interview with the owners of the pizza shop, it would be a good chance to just get audio of the store and customers to have something that could act as a transition. It could bring the listener even further into your interviewee’s experience. I hope what I am saying makes sense, if it doesn’t I would be happy to try and clarify further.

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