COPLAC: Voices of Migration

WordPress Progression

This blog post is dedicated to providing an update on the project website. My partner and I are using WordPress as a medium for our migration narrative. While still in the process of completion, we are conveying this narrative by the actual uploaded text,  the ‘physical’ layout of the website, and specifically chosen digital tools.

While the actual text is still being work-shopped, the website’s layout is nearing completion/finalization. The largest contribution of the website design to conveying the narrative is through its user-friendliness. I want the website to be so easy to navigate that it does not hinder the message from the interviewees. Through dropdown menus, the content is neatly organized and, with the menu and sidebar, information can be located through multiple means of navigation. However, I am not finished with the website design and my plans for improvement can be found in the last paragraph of this post.

Regarding the digital tools, both the ARC GIS Story Map and JS Timeline are being utilized. Ryan is working with the story map digital tool, so I will leave that update for him to explain. I intend to use the timeline tool for a visualization of the Greek migration context. Like most aspects of the project, manipulating this digital tool is taking longer than expected. I am confident that I will have it completed and uploaded on the website by the middle of this week. It is my hope that this particular digital tool will further convey our narrative by providing another mode of representation for the audience’s engagement.

Without surprise, the WordPress website still needs improvement. For one, the actual digital tools need to be completed and uploaded onto the website. In addition, after receiving feedback during last Thursday’s class, I have another rounds of edits to make the site more logical and user-friendly (rearranging some categories, adding different heading titles and a Greek community resources page, etc.). Thank you for checking in and I will be back next week with more updates!









  1. Cali

    The layout of your website is looking really good, it is easy to navigate and intuitive. I am also still working on my digital tools so that I can embed them on my website.

    • Morrison

      Thank you for your comment! One of my main goals in creating the layout of the website is to make the site user-friendly and easy to navigate. I am glad that the website layout does indeed check off those boxes. Good luck with your digital tools!!!

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