About the Project

This project was initiated in an effort to answer an array of questions based on different migrant groups in the country. We were one of five partnerships that explored a migrant population in their community. The other projects can be found here if you wish to explore them. The group we inquired about was the African refugee population in southern Maine. We wanted to know their stories, their motivations, their ways of life. Choosing to participate in this project gave us the opportunity to meet people and share their stories of people in our community that would hopefully help better inform interaction between people in our community.


This project was made possible by COPLACDigital, Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges. COPLACDigital is supported by the Mellon Foundation, in an effort to share information and ideas throughout many communities. Our project, in particular, was part of a distance learning class, Voices of Migration. This course sought to explore the reasons why people migrate and collect the stories of those who have migrated.

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