COPLAC: Voices of Migration

Project Development Update (3/10)

As of this weekend, my project contract has been edited and revised. While a few more edits may be needed, the link in my last blog post has been updated to upload the new, revised contract. I believe the document provides a solid project outline, both for matters of scheduling and for thematic direction. In completing the contract, I now have a better sense of what needs to get done and when, the specific research questions being asked, and an agreed upon collaborative plan. All in all, the project contract provides a great starting point, whereas it can be revisited and reviewed throughout the duration of the project. Speaking for myself, I am glad this completed assignment was undertaken with care and consideration.

As a disclaimer, no ‘physical’ changes have been made to the final project website as of yet. However, decisions have been made regarding the website including WordPress theme and color scheme. The final project will be thematically conveyed by utilizing the Hemingway model. While certainly subject to change, I believe the Hemingway theme is elegant in its simplicity and is easy to navigate. I do not want the final project to be too visually stimulating, thus taking away from the content of the site. Further, user-friendliness is a must; I do not want to frustrate visitors by making the website impossible to maneuver through.

Regarding color scheme, I tentatively say that the final project will incorporate blue and white as a representation of the Greek flag. However, I would like the color scheme to be dependent upon the narrative delivered by the interviewees during the oral histories. If the interviews are serious, dark in nature, display raw pain, etc., then I do not want to create a website with obnoxiously bright and warm colors. Yet, I do not want to definitively declare that the color scheme will be cool. Either way, much like with the WordPress theme, I do not want the site’s color scheme to take away from the content of the oral histories; the colors should (and will) enhance the project site.

Now that the the project contract is complete and a website direction has been decided upon, further progress is ready to be made with the oral histories and digital tools.





  1. Cali

    Morrison, I agree with your point about colors. As I start working on our website I feel as though it is subject to change very easily based on what we learn in the interviews. Furthermore, you make a really good point that the website should enhance out information not overpower it.

    • Morrison

      I am glad that I was able to convey my opinion about the color scheme! I was a little worried that I was not correctly explaining what I meant to say. In addition to the color scheme, it seems relatively likely that all aspects of the project website are subject to change. Once we have all of the actual content for the website, perhaps the decisions we made prior will no longer work as well was anticipated. I suppose that is the nature of undertaking large projects!

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